Ruqyah For Good Daily Health

Salaam Bro and Sis

We live in a world that has many evil lurking around.

They can be in our home, in our job or simply when we go out. Ruqyah is simply a method of Q’uran recitation to help spiritual clean us from any negative effects such as Sihr, Magic, Jinn and Evil Eye etc which exist within and around us.

We need to honestly take this matter serious and tackle this issue immediately !

Here is a good remedy to help you combat depression and anxiety and almost any illness. You will need to listen to this on a daily basis and Insha Allah in addition to your 5 daily prayer this will be of good benefit to you, family and friends. So please feel free to listen and share.

It does help because I have tried it and still listen to it and feel good from this.¬†Also if you get any little time in a day make wudu, sit down and recite some Q’uran and make Dua for yourself and everyone.

May Allah swt the most Great help ease our matters and protect us. S.a.w – Ameen.

  • You will get best results listening via headphones and if possible 1-3 times in a day.